Published November 1, 2021

GLS21 in Angola, Africa Reignites Vision for the Church Serving the Community

Thanks to The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) audience and their generosity, leaders in the central African country of Angola were able to experience the Summit and find encouragement and belonging during a difficult season.

“People love to belong,” said Matumona Mambo, GLS country leader in Angola, Africa. “The GLS in Angola accomplished that by not just bringing great relevant content but by simply being there, caring and sharing.”

Loving, caring and changing your community for the good is what it is all about.

Attendees shared not only how motivated they were by what they heard, but how their vision for their church and community reignited. “Many attendees testified that the GLS helps them to see the picture for their church and even the country much clearer after a GLS event,” said Matumona. “That is extremely encouraging.”

Matumona was also personally very moved and challenged by his experience.

All the insight he gained along with the reminder that the Church is the hope of the world really helped him focus on the needs of his community affected by the Covid pandemic.

After the GLS, Matumona looked at the medical needs in his community and decided to jump in to provide much needed medical stock and treatment to hundreds of people.


“The GLS is not a once in a lifetime event, it is all the daily moments after the event that trigger change in so many people,” said Matumona. “When you feel like quitting all those leadership lessons come together and you realize loving, caring and changing your community for the good is what it is all about.”

The GLS reignites all the leadership capabilities God has given me as a leader. Everyone around me would not be able to benefit from the vision God has clearly given me for the community. I thank God for an event that continues to give me reminders daily in my heart and inspire my deeds and actions in the church and my community.”


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